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Acacia Boormanii Tree

Acacia Boormanii Tree

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Acacia Boormanii, commonly known as Snowy River Wattle or Snow Wattle, is not only a visually appealing plant but also a spreading, shrubby specimen that forms copse-like structures. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for a variety of landscapes. The plant is known for its suckering growth, creating a tree that thrives in restricted sites, areas requiring breakable stems, and locations where screening is needed.

In late winter, Snowy River Wattle bursts into a display of fine lemon-yellow flowers arranged in panicles, lasting for 4-6 weeks. These blossoms beautifully complement the plant's fine, grey-green foliage. Even when not in bloom, the foliage remains an excellent, lush mass, and with proper maintenance, it can be retained close to the ground.

In its native range, Acacia Boormanii showcases adaptability to different soil conditions. It tolerates some salinity in soils and appears to do well in relatively compacted, clay soils. However, it thrives best in freely-draining soils high in organic matter. Additionally, this tree exhibits drought tolerance once established.

The multi-stemmed growth pattern of Snowy River Wattle contributes to its ease of management, making it a practical choice for various landscape situations. Overall, Acacia Boormanii emerges as an excellent small tree, gaining popularity for its adaptability to challenging landscape conditions and its fine aesthetic characteristics.

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Common Name
Plant Form
Plant Type
Plant habitat
Sunlight Full sun, partial shade
Flowering period Spring
Flower Colour Yellow
Season of interest
Foliage Evergreen
Hardiness Rating (RHS) Hardy
Soil type Dry, sandy
Soil PH Prefers acidic
Size Height: 5m, Spread: 3m
Care notes
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