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Acacia Dealbata AGM

Acacia Dealbata AGM

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The Acacia Dealbata tree is highly adaptable, thriving in various soil types and flourishing in both sheltered and sunny conditions. During January and February, this remarkable tree bursts into a profusion of exquisite lemon-yellow flowers, gracing your garden for a generous 4-6 week period. These blooms elegantly complement its fine, grey-green foliage. Even when not in bloom, the lush foliage maintains its allure and, with proper care, can remain vibrant all the way to the ground.

Native to its region, the Silver River Wattle showcases remarkable resilience, capable of withstanding some soil salinity. This hardy tree also displays a penchant for relatively poor soils, although it truly thrives in soils with excellent drainage and rich organic matter. Once established, the Acacia dealbata exhibits exceptional drought tolerance, ensuring its enduring health and beauty. Beyond its ornamental appeal, the tree's flowers are not only edible for humans but also attract a delightful array of bees and wildlife, enriching your garden with biodiversity and charm.

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    Common Name Acacia
    Genus Acacia
    Plant type Evergreen
    Plant habitat Sand or loam, prefers
    Position Full sun to p/shade
    Flowering period Spring 
    Flower colour Yellow
    Season of interest
    Plant form Plant plug / seedling
    Hardiness Rating (RHS) Hardy
    Soil type Sand or loam, prefers acidic
    Soil PH
    Rate of Growth Fast 
    Size Eventual height: 12m. Eventual spread: 4m
    Awards RHS The Award of Garden Merit
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