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Agapanthus Africanus Blue Lily

Agapanthus Africanus Blue Lily

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Agapanthus, known as the "Lily of the Nile," hails from its native South Africa. This extensively cultivated ornamental plant requires minimal care and flourishes with little attention. Agapanthus is a perennial that forms clumps and boasts strap-like leaves, gracing the landscape with its spherical clusters of flowers. We offer a diverse range of cultivars carefully selected for specific qualities, featuring flower colours spanning from rich blues to pristine whites.

Abundant clusters of striking blue blossoms. Uncomplicated to cultivate, thriving in low-maintenance conditions. Prefers full to partial sun. A superb choice for container gardening. They harmonise beautifully when planted alongside grasses.


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    Common Name
    Plant type Perennial
    Flowering period
    Flower colour Blue
    Season of interest
    Hardiness Rating (RHS)
    Soil type
    Soil PH
    Rate of Growth
    Size Grows to 36 inches and forms a clump up to 1 foot wide.
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