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Dryopteris Crispa Congesta Fern

Dryopteris Crispa Congesta Fern

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Dryopteris Cristata 'Congesta,' commonly known as the congested or crested wood fern, is a cultivar of the Dryopteris Cristata fern species. This deciduous fern is appreciated for its unique frond structure and adaptability to various garden settings. 

The fronds of Dryopteris Cristata 'Congesta' are distinctive, displaying a crested or congested appearance. They are finely divided, forming a dense and intricate pattern that adds a touch of complexity to the fern. The fronds arise in a shuttlecock-like arrangement, creating a visually appealing cluster.

This fern is known for its adaptability, thriving in partial to full shade and well-draining, moist soil. It is generally low-maintenance once established and can tolerate a range of soil types. Adequate moisture is essential for optimal growth, and the fern benefits from regular watering, particularly during dry periods.

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Common Name
Plant Form
Plant Type
Plant habitat
Sunlight Part shade
Flowering period
Flower Colour
Season of interest
Hardiness Rating (RHS)
Soil type Moist soil but will tolerate drier spots
Soil PH
Size Height: 25cm
Care notes Maintenance for Dryopteris Cristata 'Congesta' typically involves removing old or damaged fronds, promoting the growth of new, fresh foliage. Mulching around the base can help retain soil moisture and contribute to a tidy appearance. 


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