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Cyrtomium Fortunei Japanese Holly Fern

Cyrtomium Fortunei Japanese Holly Fern

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Introducing the Japanese Holly Fern (Cyrtomium fortunei), a resilient and evergreen gem designed to thrive in moist, shady areas, even amidst the harshest winters and extreme weather conditions that can challenge other plants. This hardy fern is an essential addition to your shade border, where it offers year-round elegance and a refreshing burst of color.

The Japanese Holly Fern features a compact and tidy growth habit, with small pinnae (leaves) closely arranged along its graceful fronds. The color, while not highly glossy, boasts an understated, matte shade of green that beautifully complements the surrounding hues in shaded areas. Whether planted in large groupings or as a small cluster among other perennials, it stands out gracefully and integrates harmoniously.

With a height of approximately 24 inches and a width of 16 inches, this fern begins the spring season with pale green fronds that gradually darken as they mature, showcasing their slender and refined form. Native to Korea, China, and Japan, this fern has the remarkable ability to withstand hot and humid summers, making it a dependable choice for various climates.

Japanese Holly Fern thrives in consistently moist, well-draining soils, retaining its evergreen charm throughout the year. In the face of harsh winter conditions, a light early-spring trim to remove any damaged fronds is all it needs to quickly rejuvenate. With its longevity and unwavering dependability, the Japanese Holly Fern is an excellent choice for those seeking a resilient and elegant addition to their shaded garden spaces.

You will receive 1 x 9cm potted fern

Common Name
Plant Form
Plant Type
Climate Temperate
Plant habitat
Sunlight Partial shade
Watering Medium
Flowering period
Flower Colour
Season of interest
Foliage Evergreen
Hardiness Rating (RHS) H5 (-15 to -10 °C)
Soil type Clay, loam, peat
Soil PH
Care notes

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