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Cornus Capitata Evergreen Dogwood Plant

Cornus Capitata Evergreen Dogwood Plant

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Introducing the Cornus capitata, also known as the Bentham's Cornelian Cherry or Himalayan Flowering Dogwood. This evergreen tree is a splendid addition to your garden, offering a harmonious blend of ornamental and practical features. One of its standout attributes is its evergreen nature, with glossy, leathery leaves that maintain their vibrant green colour year-round. This makes Cornus Capitata an ideal choice for those looking to add enduring beauty to their outdoor space.

In the spring, this tree transforms into a vision of natural elegance with clusters of small, fragrant yellow flowers that resemble delicate stars. These seasonal blooms not only add charm but also create a visual spectacle in your garden. Following the flowering period, Cornus Capitata produces small, cherry-like fruits that are both visually appealing and edible, offering a unique culinary opportunity.

One of the advantages of Cornus Capitata is its low-maintenance nature, thriving in a range of soil types and garden conditions. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for various garden settings. Whether you opt to grow it as a standalone specimen, incorporate it into a mixed planting scheme, or use it as a shade tree, Cornus Capitata brings both ornamental appeal and practicality to your garden. With its year-round beauty, seasonal blooms, and edible fruits, this tree is a valuable asset that enriches the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space throughout the year.

At a glance

  • Produces small, cherry-like edible fruits
  • In the spring, this tree bursts into life with clusters of small, fragrant, yellow flowers
  • Relatively low maintenance and can thrive in a range of soil types and conditions

     You will receive 1 x extra large plug

    Common Name
    Plant Form Extra large plug
    Plant Type
    Plant habitat
    Sunlight Full sun, partial shade
    Watering Medium
    Flowering period June - July
    Flower Colour Greenish white
    Season of interest
    Hardiness Rating (RHS) Hardy
    Soil type Fertile, well-drained soil, humus-rich
    Soil PH Neutral to acidic
    Size Height: 6m, Spread: 6m
    Care notes

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