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Ajuga Ruby Glow Super Plugs

Ajuga Ruby Glow Super Plugs

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A well-known variety of this native wildflower spreads rapidly through runners, producing rosettes of smooth, glossy pink, purple-bronze, and cream variegated foliage. In early summer, it graces the landscape with an abundance of leafy spikes bearing whorls of deep blue flowers. This plant is an exceptional choice for ground cover in damp, challenging corners of rockeries or wild gardens.

Ajuga Reptans serves as a vital food source and plays a significant role in a Biodiversity Action Plan habitat within the United Kingdom.


You will receive 1 hardened off, strong standard sized plug plant.

Common Name Bugle
Genus Ajuga
Plant Form Plant plug / seedling
Plant Type Evergreen
Climate Need to be sheltered from strong winds.
Plant habitat Rockery plant, wild plant
Sunlight Partial shade. 
Watering Medium
Flowering period
Flower Colour
Season of interest Spring
Hardiness Rating (RHS) H7
Soil type Chalk, clay, loam, peat, sand
Soil PH Neutral
Care notes

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