In The Field

Inspiring Nature's Beauty, One Garden at a Time

In The Field, established in 2008, is more than just a nursery; it's a sanctuary of green inspiration nestled in the heart of nature itself. Founded by a dedicated family with a profound respect for the environment, In The Field embodies the essence of working in harmony with nature. Our mission is to continually curate an expanding collection of edible and beneficial forest garden plants that thrive in various climates. Committed to environmentally sustainable horticulture, we cultivate hardy, outdoor fern culture plants using peat-free organic substrates. Our diverse plant selection includes Japanese-inspired ferns, resilient coastal-tolerant shrubs, and an array of plants that support pollinators. As the seasons unfold, we continuously add to our collection, inviting you to embark on a green journey and let the beauty of our plants enrich your life and surroundings.

About our Nursery

Established in 2008, In The Field is a family-run nursery in Glengarriff, West Cork, Ireland. Specialising in a range of ferns, eucalyptus and echiums we ship across Ireland and Europe.

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Explore Our Ferns

Ideal for enhancing the cool, tranquil ambiance of your shaded retreat or woodland oasis, explore our exquisite collection of ferns.

Plant of the Month

Quercus Palustris, commonly referred to as the Pin Oak and belonging to the red oak section, is a magnificent deciduous tree known for its stunning, tall stature and the striking autumnal display of vibrant red hues.

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