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Athyrium Niponicum 'Red Beauty' Japanese Fern

Athyrium Niponicum 'Red Beauty' Japanese Fern

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Athyrium Niponicum 'Red Beauty' is a captivating and ornamental fern variety that enchants with its exquisite, feathery fronds. This deciduous fern boasts a unique colour palette, where the foliage emerges in hues of silver, gradually transitioning to a striking blend of green and burgundy-red as the season progresses. The elegant, lacy leaves bring a touch of elegance to shaded garden corners, creating a captivating contrast against other lush plantings. Ideal for woodland gardens, borders, or containers, the Red Beauty Fern thrives in moist, well-drained soils and adds a dash of year-round charm, making it a cherished choice for any garden or landscape design.

You will receive 1 x potted 9cm young fern ready to plant

Common Name Athyrium
Plant Form Potted Plant
Plant Type Fern
Climate Temperate
Plant habitat Tolerant of clay and dense shade
Sunlight Partial shade/ full shade
Watering Heavy
Flowering period N/a
Flower Colour N/a
Season of interest Summer
Foliage Deciduous
Hardiness Rating (RHS) H5 (-15 to -10 °C)
Soil type Clay, Loam, Peat - Moist humus rich soil with good drainage
Soil PH Slightly acidic soil
Size Height: 50cm, Spread 45cm
Care notes Leaves may be trimmed to the ground in late fall or early spring. Plants are easily divided in spring, every 3 to 4 years

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