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Echium Pininana Pink Fountain

Echium Pininana Pink Fountain

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Echium Pininana 'Pink Fountain' is a captivating and unique flowering plant that belongs to the Boraginaceae family. Originating from the Canary Islands, this biennial to short-lived perennial is a cultivar of the Echium Pininana species, known for its impressive stature and striking floral displays.

The 'Pink Fountain' variety is distinguished by its tall, spire-like flower spikes, covered with numerous tubular flowers that exhibit shades of pink. These majestic spikes can reach remarkable heights, often exceeding 10 feet (3 metres) in optimal growing conditions. The sheer size and vibrant colour of the flowering spikes contribute to the plant's visual impact in garden landscapes.

Cultivating Echium Pininana 'Pink Fountain' involves providing well-draining soil and a sunny location, as the plant thrives in full sunlight. Adequate spacing between individual plants is recommended to accommodate their impressive size and allow for proper air circulation. This Echium variety is adaptable to various soil types, including sandy and loamy soils.

The biennial nature of Echium Pininana means that the plant typically completes its life cycle within two years, with the flowering occurring in the second year. Following the flowering stage, the plant tends to produce seeds, completing its life cycle. However, 'Pink Fountain' may reseed itself in favourable conditions, leading to new plants in subsequent growing seasons.

The dramatic and architectural presence of Echium pininana 'Pink Fountain' makes it a favoured choice for gardens seeking a focal point or a statement plant. Its ability to attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, adds to its ecological value. Regular monitoring and occasional pruning can help manage its growth and promote a tidy appearance.

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  • Self-seeding
  • Ideal for sheltered borders


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Common Name
Genus Echium
Plant Form
Plant Type
Climate Mediterranean, Temperate
Plant habitat
Sunlight Full sun, medium sun
Watering Light
Flowering period
Flower Colour Pink
Season of interest Summer
Hardiness Rating (RHS) H3 (-5 to 1 °C)
Soil type Clay, loam, peat, sand
Soil PH
Size Height: 4m, Spread: 90cm
Care notes


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