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Eucalyptus Archeri Alpine Cider Gum

Eucalyptus Archeri Alpine Cider Gum

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Eucalyptus Archeri, commonly known as the Alpine Cider Gum, is a notable species within the eucalyptus genus. Native to the alpine and subalpine regions of southeastern Australia, this tree thrives in cooler climates and is well-adapted to high-altitude environments.

Recognised for its elegant and slender form, Eucalyptus Archeri typically grows to a moderate height. The tree features distinctive lance-shaped leaves with a glossy green hue, creating a visually appealing contrast to its smooth, mottled bark. The bark sheds in patches, revealing a range of colors, including cream, gray, and brown.

Eucalyptus Archeri plays a vital role in its native ecosystems, providing habitat and food for various wildlife. Its adaptability to a range of soil types and its resilience in cold climates make it a suitable choice for landscaping in colder regions.

At a glance

  • Attractive bark and evergreen specimen tree
  • Fragrant foliage
  • Fast growing specimen


 You will receive 

Common Name
Plant Form
Plant Type
Climate Temperate
Plant habitat
Sunlight Full sun
Watering Medium
Flowering period
Flower Colour
Season of interest
Foliage Evergreen
Hardiness Rating (RHS) H5 (-15 to -10 °C)
Soil type Chalk, clay, loam
Soil PH Alkaline - Acidic
Size Height: 12m, Spread: 4-8m
Care notes
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