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Eucalyptus Urnigera Tree

Eucalyptus Urnigera Tree

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Eucalyptus Urnigera, a robust evergreen specimen tree, boasts charming blue-grey juvenile leaves that add to its visual allure. As the shoots mature, the foliage transitions into elegant grey and elliptic shapes. When allowed to grow as a tree, it unveils peeling bright white bark, occasionally kissed by subtle pink hues. Alternatively, through annual hard pruning, it can be maintained as a shrub, encouraging the retention of its captivating juvenile leaves.

At a glance:

  •  Low maintenance
  • Fast growing ( 1.5 - 2m a year)
  • Tolerates difficult growing conditions including intermittently waterlogged soils and exposed location
  • Traditional Aboriginal medicinal plant

 You will receive 1 x 9cm potted plant (70cm)


Common Name
Plant Form
Plant Type
Climate Cold, Highland, Mediterranean, Mountain, Temperate
Plant habitat Cannot tolerate atmospheric pollution, shelter from cold winds. Drought tolerant once established.
Sunlight Full sun, medium sun
Flowering period Summer
Flower Colour
Season of interest All
Foliage Evergreen
Hardiness Rating (RHS) H7 < -  20 °C
Soil type Moist soil. Chalk, clay, loam
Soil PH Acidic - Alkaline
Size Height: 15m, Spread: 12m
Care notes Prune to keep as a shrub
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