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Geranium Maderense (Madeira Cranesbill) Extra Large Plug

Geranium Maderense (Madeira Cranesbill) Extra Large Plug

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Geranium Maderense, commonly known as the Madeira Cranesbill or Giant Herb-Robert, is an exceptional and imposing geranium species native to the island of Madeira. This plant is renowned for its striking appearance and unique characteristics. It is a large and robust perennial, often described as a biennial, and can reach remarkable heights of up to 2 meters.

Madeira Cranesbill is distinguished by its palmate, deeply lobed leaves and intricate, rosy-pink or white flowers. These blossoms form in umbrella-like clusters and create a captivating focal point in the garden. The plant typically blooms in late spring to early summer and attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies with its abundant nectar.

Geranium Maderense is ideally suited for well-drained, moist soil in a sheltered spot, thriving in full sun or partial shade. While it can be challenging to establish from seed, it often self-seeds freely once it matures. In regions with mild climates, it behaves as a perennial, while in colder areas, it may act as a biennial.

The Madeira Cranesbill is a unique and attractive addition to garden landscapes, adding a touch of drama and elegance, especially in subtropical and mild temperate regions. Its grandeur and striking appearance make it a memorable and sought-after plant for gardeners and enthusiasts alike.

You will receive 1 hardened off, strong standard sized plug plant.

Common Name Geranium
Plant Form
Plant Type
Plant habitat
Sunlight Full sun / partial shade
Flowering period
Flower Colour Pink / purple
Season of interest
Hardiness Rating (RHS)
Soil type Any moist, well-drained soil
Soil PH
Size Height: up to 2m
Awards RHS: The Award of Garden Merit
Care notes This spectacular RHS AGM species will need some winter protection so it is best grown in the conservatory or a large patio container which can be moved to a frost free position in winter. 
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