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Geranium Rozanne AGM Potted Plant

Geranium Rozanne AGM Potted Plant

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Geranium 'Rozanne,' recipient of the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit (AGM), is a perennial geranium renowned for its exceptional performance and captivating beauty. This cultivar, often referred to as 'Rozanne,' belongs to the Geranium 'Wargrave Pink' and Geranium Himalayense hybrid group. It has become a beloved choice for gardeners looking to add reliable, long-lasting colour to their landscapes.

Dependable and desirable, and an award-winner, Rozanne likes to put on a show of violet blue, white-centered saucer-like flowers from May to November, sometimes into December, in abundance, all over a sprawling mound of finely cut leaves. The leaves often turn orange, then red with autumn. A low maintenance, quick-to-establish herbaceous perennial that will grow almost anywhere, except in wet soil. Like other cranesbills, Geranium Rozanne benefits from a severe haircut when flowers start to lag later in the season. Attractive to butterflies and resistant to rabbits and deer.

'Rozanne' Geranium is cherished for its profusion of large, saucer-shaped, violet-blue flowers with striking white centres. These striking blossoms adorn the plant from late spring well into the autumn, creating a visually pleasing display. The flowers are complemented by deeply cut, slightly glossy, green foliage that forms an attractive mound.

One of the standout features of 'Rozanne' is its remarkable versatility. It thrives in a variety of conditions, from full sun to partial shade, and adapts well to different soil types. Its ability to bloom continuously throughout the growing season and its resistance to pests and diseases make it a low-maintenance, garden-worthy plant. Whether used as a ground cover, in mixed borders, or as an accent in containers, 'Rozanne' Geranium adds a touch of elegance and colour to any garden. Its AGM status is a testament to its outstanding qualities and reliability, making it a top choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

At a glance:

  • Quick-to-establish herbaceous perennial
  • Low-maintenance champion, thriving in a variety of conditions
  • Long flowering period May - November, sometimes December
  • Versatile -   Use as ground cover, border plant, or container accent


You will receive 1 x hardened off, strong 9cm plant

Common Name Geranium
Genus Geranium
Plant Form 9cm Potted Plant
Plant Type
Plant habitat Tolerates inland exposure
Sunlight Full sun, partial shade
Watering Medium
Flowering period May - November
Flower Colour Violet/blue 
Season of interest
Foliage Deciduous
Hardiness Rating (RHS) H7 (< -20 °C)
Soil type Most soil types. Normal to moist, but well-drained. Chalk, clay, loam, peat, sand
Soil PH Neutral
Size Height: 60cm, Spread: 1m
Awards RHS - The Award for Garden Merit
Care notes

Fragrant, apple scented foliage and flowers. Thick clusters of five-petaled, pink flowers in late spring. Showy stamens dance with the slightest breeze. Dense ground cover. Geranium Macrorrhizum's foliage displays red and bronze tints in fall. Tolerates sun and dry conditions. - See more at:
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