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Pin Oak Quercus Palustris Tree

Pin Oak Quercus Palustris Tree

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The Quercus Palustris, also known as the Pin Oak or Swamp Spanish Oak, is a striking deciduous tree that graces the outdoors with its captivating autumn display of vibrant red hues. Thriving particularly well in moist soil, its name 'Palustris' signifies its affinity for marshy environments. Notably, its acorns take two years to fully mature, with over half of each acorn encased in protective cups.

A favoured choice for landscaping within its native range, the Pin Oak is highly regarded for its ease of transplanting, relatively fast growth, and impressive ability to withstand urban pollutants. Whether you're enhancing your garden or urban space, the Quercus Palustris tree adds a touch of natural beauty and resilience to your landscape. Enjoy the changing seasons with this exquisite tree as part of your outdoor scenery.

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Common Name
Plant Form
Plant Type
Climate Temperate
Plant habitat Tolerates inland exposure
Sunlight Full sun
Watering Medium
Flowering period
Flower Colour
Season of interest Autumn
Hardiness Rating (RHS) H5 (-15 to -10 °C)
Soil type Moist, rich, well-drained soil. Clay, loam, peat
Soil PH Acidic. Extremely intolerant of high PH soils.
Size Height: 18m, Spread:12m
Care notes

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