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Pulmonaria Opal 9cm Potted Plant

Pulmonaria Opal 9cm Potted Plant

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Pulmonaria Opal, a splendid member of the Pulmonaria family, stands as one of the finest heralds of spring for shady areas in the garden. This delightful perennial thrives in rich, moist soil until it becomes well-established, after which it exhibits remarkable adaptability to various soil conditions, even naturalising and self-spreading over time. Beyond its resilience, Pulmonaria Opal serves as a vital pollinator and wildlife plant, attracting beneficial insects, particularly bees, with its early and alluring ice-blue flowers that transition to a delicate white, beautifully complemented by soft green, silver-speckled leaves. From January through May, these blossoms brighten shady corners, and Pulmonaria's attractive foliage remains a highlight throughout the season. With its mounding habit, it creates a captivating foliage display, ideal for under deciduous trees, along woodland pathways, or in combination with bulbs. Pulmonaria Opal truly shines as an emblem of early spring and a beacon for wildlife, thriving under conditions ranging from dry shade to sunny spots, making it a versatile and cherished addition to any shade garden.

You will receive 1 potted Pulonaria Opal plant

Common Name
Plant Form
Plant Type
Plant habitat
Flowering period January - May
Flower Colour
Season of interest
Hardiness Rating (RHS)
Soil type Rich moist soil until established, then tolerates most soil
Soil PH
Size Height: 35cm, Spread:50cm
Care notes Early spring cleanup before flowering begins. Can be divided every 5 years right after flowering in late summer or early autumn. Can shear tired foliage in midsummer for a flush of new growth. 

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